May 31, 2009

Wait (The Whisper Song) - Ying Yang Twins

Blog around the world are about to go bananas over this, MTV Movie Awards ended less than a half hour ago and already the night's most hilarious/best moment is up. Bruno basically, excuse my bluntness, tea-bagging Eminem. I was actually worried for Bruno, Em looked like he was about to whoop that tail..Peep for yourselves.

Yay or Nay: Birthday Sex - Brooke Hogan

Alrighty guys, so I'm on FB and David makes this status about Brooke Hogan doing a version of Birthday Sex and you know I had to find it. The Hulk's daughter is scheduled to release a mixtape soon and blogged a lil' about it on her MySpace page.

Hey you guys! Ok so like every girl in the world, I LOVE the song Birthday Sex. I found myself singing it every minute so I took my butt in the studio and did a lil version myself. Lemme know what you think... and haters- eat it up:)

The song will be featured on my upcoming mixtape, "Judgement Day," available for download ONLY on!

come on... everyone needs a little birthday sex :)

She covers the remix featuring Fabolous and Jeremih, so Yay or Nay: "Birthday Sex" - Brooke Hogan


Flashback: Hot Boyz - Missy Elliott, Nas, Eve, and Lil' Mo

The for real version has Q-Tip on it, but he wasn't featured in the video. Either way, this is one of my favorite songs, I used to bump this all the time, (OK I still do).

Baby Mama - Fantasia

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou received a special delivery yesterday morning, a healthy baby boy. The creator of Baby Phat and head of Phat Fashions went into labor yesterday and what does she do besides "tweet" during delivery. That's right, the fabulous one Not only tweeted when she first arrived to the hospital and when she started having contractions, but she added a pic of herself in the hospital. No word on the baby's name; this is the third for Kimora Lee (She's mother to Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons from her previous marriage to Russell Simmons) and the first for Djimon.

May 30, 2009

Space Jam - Quad City DJ's

Alright, Sports isn't my thing. Ok it is, but I'm too biased to ever be a sports reporter. However you don't have to be into sports to enjoy the Nike commercials that star Kobe Bryant and LeBron James as muppets **They actually got the person who designs the muppets for Jim Henson (Sesame Street, Kermit the Frog, etc.) to do these** This is by far the cutest/funniest one. Peep it.

Meeting in My Bedroom - Silk

More pics of Rihanna and Chris Breezy have surfaced. Last time pics leaked there were nude pics of Rihanna as well as this pic of C-Breezy.
This time around the pics are of the former couple, snuggling/cuddling/caking whatever you may call it. There still hasn't been any say as to who leaked the pics. Assumptions have been made that Rihanna's e-mail account was hacked and the photos leaked that way, another claim is that Brown released the photos himself out of bitterness about the situation.
Check out the pics below via
Who do you guys think leaked the photos?

May 29, 2009

Yay or Nay: Say You Will - Young Scolla & PL

Real Detroit post right now...I was on Young Scolla's MySpace and the first track that played was this one and I figured it'd make a good "Yay or Nay" It's him and PL and it's "Say You Will." If you're not familiar with "Say You Will" it was on Kanye West's 808's and Heartbreak and has been covered by the likes of Big Sean and Drake. Anyway here is Young Scolla and PL "Say You Will."

Holla at Me Baby - DJ Khaled

Overnight Celebrity - Twista

So I just discovered the most amazing thing. I know in my last post I said I was tired of posting videos, but this has me too excited to not post it. Ok, Little known fact I do play video games, even smaller fact I am in love with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. I even like games like SingStar Karaoke. Now on all these games there are usually pop songs or rock songs or "bubblegum" rap songs, but XXL Magazine reported something exciting that I think almost all of you guys will enjoy. Def Jam is to release Def Jam Rapstar.
Video Game authority spoke to Lauren Wirtzer, Def Jam Interactive’s vice president of marketing and 4mm CEO Nicolas Perrett to get some incite into the video game. “There are not very many products out there that speak directly to the hip-hop consumer base,” said Wirtzer. “More than just a music game, this is a game that really incorporates all of the crucial elements of this lifestyle. It’s not just about music, it’s about swagger.”

“I think, at the highest level, we’re trying to make a game that appeals to a very broad audience of anyone who has really enjoyed hip-hop music at any point in the last 30 years,” Perrett added. “That’s a really important thing for all of those fans out there who don’t have a hip-hop game that can encompass that breadth of music across that whole period, all the way through to right this second what’s coming out. Even stuff that’ll be coming out at the very same time the game is coming out.”
via XXL Mag

Before you bite my head off, I know some of you may be thinking that's lame but come on, it's a rap karaoke game! There are only a finger full of rap karaoke CD's!!! Wait I didn't even tell you the BEST part, the game will NOT BE DEF JAM ARTISTS ONLY! It will include songs from FOUR major LABELS! How is it possible? Well Def Jam Interactive isn't a record label therefore that means more (and better) songs for the player!

No word on the consoles but my guess the major ones, PlayStation, XBox and maybe even Wii.

Check the trailer!!

Music Video: Stadium Music - Day26

Honestly I feel like I jut posted way too many videos, but this one is a video premiere so it has to go up! Day26, *they're Bady Boy artists if that doesn't ring a bell then MTV Making The Band 3 should if that doesn't MTV Making the Band 4 should and if that doesn't...Que* Now that you know who I'm talking about, Day26 premiered their new video Stadium Music, which if you watched Making The Band 4 you heard a lot of this song while they were in the studio recording it. Not too much more to say wth out venturing off the point of this, so here is "Stadium Music" by Day 26. Personally it gives me a headache because I'm light sensitive to strobe lights (weirdo) but hey maybe you'll enjoy it.

May 28, 2009

Can't Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West

So I'm watching Punk'd and this particular episode is the one where Kanye gets punked while filming one of the videos for "Jesus Walks". This was too good not to post, even back then Kanye was a force not to be messed with.

Heavy Hustle Boss - Kev Tha Hustla

So my homie One Ten interviewed Kev Tha Hustla, dope lil' interview. Check it out!

Kev Tha Hustla - Exclusive Interview from Terrance 'OneTen' M. on Vimeo.

Guilty Conscience - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem

Spectacular speaks!!! At first I wasn't sure if it was really him or a look-a-like but Sexy Spec told MTV that the video was made for the ladies. Check out what I pulled from **Shoutout to Lanice for posting this on Twitter!**
Everybody knows I'm not gay. Them little tight man drawers ... I bought 'em to show off my cuts [in my stomach]. I wanted to show off my body. The underwear was for the ladies. Everybody grindin' now. Before we came out, no one was bringing you that but the old-school cats. We brought it back out. But everybody is doing it now. It's like a dance competition, though. I don't do that pop-and-lock, I grind.

So if you didn't see it I suggest you scroll down to the "Your Body" post.

Flashback: We're Not Making Love - Dru Hill

If you owned the VHS copy of Soul Food this video came before the movie played, lol. Dru Hill was the bomb diggity, and this song is a classsic. Enjoy!

Umbrella (rmx) - Rihanna feat. Jay-Z & Chris Brown

♫ Has Jay-Z been in every one of my news updates? If you remember Hov just got out of his contract with Def Jam and according to Billboard, he is close to inking a deal with Epic Records. It is said that the deal is 95% complete and will combine Jay-Z's RocNation releases with Epic for distrbution purposes. There were rumors swirling that Mr. Beyonce was going to make the switch to Columbia *sidebar: Epic and Columbia are both under Sony BMG* because of his close ties with the label and the fact that Beyonce is signed to them. So, hopefully it's smooth sailing for Mr. Carter so "The Blueprint 3" can hurry and drop (this Anti-auto-tune thing has me anxious!)

♫ Many celebrities have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and of course YouTube accounts. There is a new trend among them called livestreaming, it's a way of recording so that the viewer gets to see what they're doing. Why am I telling you this? Well Chris Brown (haven't heard that name in a while) and Bow Wow (hahahahaha) were live-streaming together from Shaq (yes, that Shaq) crib. Still wondering why this is news? Well during the stream (turned YouTube vid) Chris Brown actually speaks and says "I ain't a monster," you don't have to be a super-genius to figure out what he's referring to. He does go on to talk about his new album that's supposed to be released sometime this year and thanks his "real" fans for sticking by him.
I don't do all this talking on the thing, this is just some new stuff I'm doing. I just wanna say 'what's up?,' because I ain't been out there in a minute. But the new album is gonna be coming soon. We working on it right now. It's called Graffiti. It's got everything on it, so y'all be ready for that. I'm about to drop a single this summer for y'all. We ain't going nowhere. Everybody that's haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you. I ain't a monster.
[grazie MTV for transcribing ;-) ]

♫Speaking of Chris Breezy, his ex-breezy Rihanna may have to appear in court. Last Month, Brown's lawyer attempted to have the case dismissed due to the fact that evidence had been leaked online, but the judged denied his request. According to the Associated Press, Rihanna's lawyer said he will likely receive a subpoena for the singer to testify in a preliminary hearing June 22. If this does happen Rihanna could be subject to cross-examination by Brown's lawyer. *could possibly be the most interesting court case since O.J.'s*

Yay or Nay: Kiss Me Thru The Phone (remix) - Mike Posner

I know I just posted the original song of this, but Mike P. released a remix...and I had to post that too. Izza Kizza is on the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone (remix)" and there' not much left to say about MIke Posner (that I haven't said before).
Yay or Nay: Kiss Me Thru the Phone (remix) - Mike Posner and Izza Kizza.

May 27, 2009

Yay or Nay: Complicated - Teyana Taylor

The princess of Harlem, Teyana Taylor is getting prepped for a debut (finally?) In the mist of it all Teyana planned on leaking a buzz single ,via Twitter, but was beat to the punch by bloggers/hackers/etc. Teyana did this song when she was 16 year's old (maybe around the time of her appearance on the MTV annoyance show My Super Sweet Sixteen.) Today's Yay or Nay, "Complicated" - Teyana Taylor *talk about the irony of a name.*

Music Video: Paranoid - Kanye West

Martin Louis the Don *I wonder how many of you know why I called him that????* premiered his new music video for "Paranoid." And yup, features Rihanna as the female lead in this one. I wonder why all the good ones snapped a lil' bit (Eminem's 3 A.M. scares me still)

May 26, 2009

Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

♫ I heard this earlier in the day, but I was waiting on the official say so from the news sites. Yesterday boxing legend Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson, was hospitalized and on life support after an accident on a treadmill. According to various news sites, she was discovered by her 7-year-old brother tangled in cords on the treadmill and paramedics were called yesterday morning. CBS quoted Sgt Andy hill about the situation.
Somehow she was playing on this treadmill, and there's a cord that hangs under the console - it's kind of a loop. Either she slipped or put her head in the loop, but it acted like a noose, and she was obviously unable to get herself off of it.

Exodus was pronounced dead today at about 11:45 a.m.
My heart and prayers go to MIke Tyson and his family.

T.I. finally went to jail today. Mr. Harris is expected to serve the same amount of time as rapper Lil' Kim did, one year and a day, but if he is well behaved he will get out in ten months on good behavior. T.I.P. will be spending his time in an Arkansas prison (meaning that the judge denied his request last week to be moved closer to Atlanta). But that really won't matter, T.I. will be on probation for 3 years, have to do 2 more months of house arrest, and 470 hours of community service.

♫It took him a minute but Nick Cannon FINALLY responds to what happened to the disappearance of the Eminem post on his blog. If you don't remember (and are too lazy to look at my older posts) Nick Carey ranted on and on about Slim dissing him and Mariah on "Bagpipes from Baghdad," but Cannon insists that the reason the blog isn't up si because of "technical issues." The controversial blog generated so much traffic that it constantly crashed the site. I'm not a genius or anything but unless he sent a smoke signal out saying I don't have the post up anymore wouldn't people still visit, traffic still be heavy, and the site would still crash? Do remember that Eminem said he never saw the post and didn't get the opportunity to read it. NC also backtracks on a couple of things, he says he has no beef with Eminem and that it was just one of those things that he HAD to say. Sorry nick, but according to what you posted you wanted to battle Slim, realized that the chances of you coming out of that battle unscarred were slim to none?

♫ I knew there was a reason I loved Jay-Z, he is doing Blueprint 3 AUTO-TUNE FREE! Do you understand the joy I am experiencing? Actually it's bad when youhave to promise your fans that there will be no auto-tune on an album..shows the trend needs to die. ANYway, Kanye West said Hov' is taking his time with the album to give people the best product he can to his fans. The Louis Vuitton Don also told MTV:
We actually removed all the songs with Auto-Tune off of his album. To make the point that this is an anti-Auto-Tune album, even though I released an album that has all Auto-Tune! "t's music; it's just sonics. I like Auto-Tune so I do it, but you want the other thing — like you'll wear a suit to a wedding and gym shoes to a basketball game. I think it's a perfect moment for Jay to provide some gym shoes to a basketball game right now.

Your Body - Pretty Ricky

I don't know what is up with the YouTube videos I'm seeing lately, but this one definitely beats Samwell's.
Remember Pretty Ricky???? Yes? ok
Now Remember Spectacular? Not the one with the dirty dreads or the lil plump one, the skinny one with braids? ok good.

Today's ULTIMATE Video Fail...I can't even describe the horrificness, just watch.

What, What - Samwell

Ok, my aunt showed me this video and I couldn't help but laugh. The content of the actual song may not be rated G, but the video is ridiculously funny.

And what's better? They did a South Park version featuring my second favorite character (first being Cartman) Butters!!

Hope you cracked (no pun intended) a smile at least once. Happy Tuesday

Yay or Nay: Kiss Me Thru the Phone - Mike Posner

When you see the name Mike Posner you should subconsciously say "Oh Yeah" because if you're a reader of my blog you already downloaded "A Matter of Time" from iTunes. (I hope so anyway). This time around Mike P. tackles Soulja Boy's "Kiss Me Through the Phone," which if you were at Wayne State University's Mad Anthony concert you heard him perform it. Anyway, 'nuff with the small talk, Yay or Nay: "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" - Mike Posner & the Brain Trust

May 25, 2009

Let Me Twitter Dat - Andy Milanokis: 3 Words...

I'm thinking about doing this every now and again, but today one of the Trending Topics was "3 words after sex," and everyone on my Twitter feed had something to say. So I went through and picked my 10 faves, enjoy!
*disclaimer: Before anyone takes anything seriously, remember it is ONLY the internet and it's all in fun*

WEKetchum-"shit, it broke"

Itzleebishes-"wait you're done"

LadyLTattoos-"that was weak"

MOSologist- "I'm out, peace!"

Jimmy_Mikey- "now serving #32"

RonDance- "ur sister's better"

AdubbFFamous-"you're famous now"

ShAnimaniac-"u on twitter?"

Paradime-"how's High School?"

djbeaz-"ur married....what?!!!!"

Sorry 2004 - Reuben Studdard

So this is probably the last Charles Hamilton post you'll see (unless he drops a banger or finally releases an album..or gets punched again O_o) but HoodNews caught back up with CH and Briana Latrise about their tif in the streets. (Check below if you don't know.) I do have mad respect for CH because he didn't hit her back (and that sounded like it hurt); but he apologizes for his behavior and despite the Pink Panther purse and Sonic t-shirts, he's a man for that.

I Must Be Crazy - Tyrese

I'm used to rappers and singers coming out with side hustles (i.e. clothing lines, acting, record labels) but R&B Tyrese is taking his hustle to a new realm, the 2-Dimensional one. I've seen dudes play super heroes, but Black Ty is releasing a $2.99 comic book, "Mayhem," and it will be released August 5th.
Tyrese wants to break records, comic book selling records, with this one (Who thinks he's gonna top Barack Obama's Spidey issue that I am super pissed about because I couldn't find one?). The R&B superstar is asking people (via Twitter) to pre-order the comic book now.

What the heck is Mayhem going to be about?

Well according to (the site you're redirected to to pre-order) Mayhem:
begins on the streets of Los Angeles, wherein a brutal crime wave led by the mysterious Big X has the entire city in a state of perpetual fear. With even the police force unable to stop him, MAYHEM, a faceless vigilante with only his partner Malice and an unrelenting vengeance to back him up, strikes back against the criminal hordes. Within three issues of non-stop action, they will take on Big X to dismantle his organization and restore peace to the City of Angels.

Honestly, I think the name is wack as heck and the villain's name, Big X, is way sweeter. In my 20 years of existing this is the first I've heard of this, I mean NKOTB had their own cartoon, but who publishes a comic book? like a real comic?

I wonder if they are going to pick it up in the Sunday papers.

*Pause* Can Tyrese even draw or did he just come up with the concept?

Music Monday: Electrik Red

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we have yet another R&B girl group trying to find their place in this crazy industry, Electrik Red.
Like I said in a previous post, I first heard of them when they were the openers for Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman" tour featuring Jazmine Sullivan and Musiq Soulchild. I remember Musiq was hyping them up on the radio and when I got to the concert I wasn't impressed. But being who I am, I had to give them a chance anyway and slowly (like AOL Dial-Up slow) they have grown on me ( a lil' bit.)
Their first album "How to Be a Lady: Vol. 1" is set to be released tomorrow, and you know I had to give you my 2 - 3 cents on it.

I found it ironic that their album ended up following The Dream's in my iTunes library, seeing as he and Tricky are the producers of the entire thing and it definitely shows. I don't care who you are, if you're just a commercial music listener or a professional music dissector, you can always tell a producers sound (you mean to tell me you wouldn't know a Neptune sound if you heard it?) and it shows. Their album is very much like The Dream's Love v. Money with the techno/808/futuristic/rave/electronic sounds.
For a R&B group it is a weird approach to do the ENTIRE album that way, even the slower songs are fast because of the sounds.
The buzz/first single "So Good," isn't my favorite and is actually one of my least favorites on their album, but it shows they have potential. I guess I should state the obvious and say their album's theme is on how to be a lady. Ok it's about catering to your man and picking a good one, through songs like "P is for Power," "Freak Freaky" and "Devotion."
Results: ♫♫♪ out of 5
If The Dream were a girl he'd be Electrik Red. "How to Be a Lady" is very comparable to Love v. Money, almost too close, BUT their beats are sick, they have good club songs, but for a R&B group I expected more.
"How to Be a Lady: Vol. 1" will be available on iTunes tomorrow, if you want to get a sample of what they sound out, check out last week's "Yay or Nay: P is for Power"

May 23, 2009

Let Me Twitter Dat - Andy Milanokis: Lee's Rules

One of the realest people you can ever encounter, Lee (only other person I know, besides myself, whom people call that!) posts "rules" at random moments throughout the day on Twitter. I picked my ten faves from this week and I'm considering making this a regular weekly thing on Tha 'A' Side. Ok, enough stalling, the rules you should live by: "Lee's Twitter Rules"

Lee's Tweet Rules - Opinionated but common twist to many general rules pertaining to our generation delivered to you via twitter.

Rule #10: There are certain things you should NEVER get for cheap i.e.: heels, tattoos (their permanent), weave, sex etc,etc...

Rule #32: If you don't know what "O.P.P." stands for but still says "yeah you know me!" on cue... Slap yourself three times.

Rule #33: Don't claim you're a graduate if you only got a certificate or license from Everest Institute. Brag when they ask you to be in the ads

Rule #44: No male should EVER wear rain boots or thong sandals (regardless of the brand).

Rule#77: It's hard not to judge a book by it's cover when you won't stop flashin’ yo’ recently cashed check or wearin’ a shirt as a freakum dress

Rule #90: When life gives you lemons, throw them ‘em back & say: "Bitch I asked for strawberries! Make it happen!"

Rule #199: We all know loving yourself is important, but halter tops and mini skirts aren't for everyone!

Rule #233: you're not considered a "sneakerhead" if your "collection" only contains Jordans and Air Force Ones.

Rule #234: Don’t feel great sorrow for the able body man in the motorized scooter with a "homeless" sign. Just ask: Where do you charge at night?

Rule #487: Any man who purposely still sags his pants is to suffer 10 spontaneous lashings with the belt he should have invested in a day ago.

May 22, 2009

Brooklyn Girl - Charles Hamilton

Probably the only time in life you will ever see a Charles Hamilton song title on this blog.

So you've peeped the video below, the young lady who punches Charles Hamilton is Mary J. Blige's stepdaughter Briana Latrise. Charles Hamilton published the video on his blog as well, but never addressed the actual punch itself. But Briana did, and apparently the two had a relationship back in high school. Here's what she posted on her blog about the situation:

We seriously have a sick, dysfunctional, high school relationship. But... It is what it is. Like I said earlier: I DID NOT MEAN TO DECK HIM. I was holding it back but the more I thought about what he said the more I wanted to hit him. Sorry Grandma. I felt justified, but the more I think about it now, it is an unfair situation for him: I'm a female so he can't hit me back with out a bunch of ppl talkn crap, and he still gets talked about if he doesn't hit me. We ALL know that if a woman feels she's man enough to hit a man, she's probably man enough to take a punch. I'm not sayin thats right eithe-

Matter of fact, let's say this:
Even tho it was a "rap battle" and that's the only reason he was going so hard...
I would do it again in a heart beat. Somebody's gotta shut the kid up sometime!!! But I got love for him tho.


We are a sad, sad story. We just cross lines.

Sucker M.C. - Run DMC

Ok I will tell any and everyone that asks me, I dislike Charles Hamilton. Not only did he ruin my favorite childhood video game by trying to make that ish his logo (kind of like what Bow Wow did with Mickey Mouse way back when) he is just not that talented to me (sorry).
Well, CH got embarrassed, bad. Not only does he battle rap a poetess (and loses in my opinion, then again it is a biased one), she punches the ish out of this guy for disrespecting her. Justice?

Gossip Folk - Missy Elliott

What's going on in the music world?

♫ I said it before and I shall say it again, T.I. is running the show. Apparently the rapper filed papers with the courts that would put a 10 day delay on his incarceration. The reason being, he wants to be put in jail closer to Atlanta; T.I. is scheduled to turn himself in on May 26 and will be serving his sentence in an Arkansas prison. Before I was kidding, but how long ago has T.I. been supposed to go to jail? Wasn't he charged and convicted back in early '08? I'm just going to say it, if it were ANY other person (i.e. not a celebrity) it wouldn't have been a year before they were locked down.
Jay-Z is a free man. NO him and Beyonce did not get divorced, Jay-Z told that he has indeed left Def Jam.
I can honestly say, working with Doug Morris and LA Reid has been a unique and fulfilling experience and I respect them immensely. I've been in the family for almost my entire career.
Doug and I spoke directly and had one of the most unique "negotiations" ever. Doug won the toss but, we both won in the end..I thank him for allowing me to be a completely independent artist. Not every artist can say they own or are given the opportunity to own all of their music.

♫ Aubrey Berry, the man accused of murdering Konvict Muzik artist Dolla, bail has been raised to a whomping $5 million according to XXL. Berry and Dolla had a couple of altercations previously, one being at a nightclub in Atlanta where allegedly Dolla and entourage fought (and beat up) Berry and his crew. Berry's defense team is claiming self-defense; reportedly Dolla threatened him at a L.A. PF Chang's restaurant and reached for his waistband and that's when Berry shot Dolla. However, no weapons were found on Dolla at the crime scene. (It's horrible that he assumed he was reaching for a gun, what if it was an inhaler or something?)

♫ XXL reported that Lil' Wayne's album has been pushed back-again- until July. In case you lost count that makes 3 times the date has changed for Rebirth. I'm still skeptical about the finished product.

♫ Jimmy Brooks, Aubrey Graham, and Drake groupies fans can sleep with ease. The Toronto rapper and Young Money affiliate cleared up rumors that he and Rihanna are dating. Drake called in to NY's Hot97 and said that he and Ri Ri are just friends, even though he does acknowledge (to some extent) that he was indeed at the restaurant.
I have the upmost respect for her man, I think she's so talented. I'm honored that they would think of me and start this rumor, but it is not true.
Not only is Drake internationally known and unsigned, now he already has rumors circulating? Too big, too soon?

P(o)mp It Up - Joe Budden

I'll admit, when I first heard the name Pompous Apparel, I didn't pay much attention to it. Then Wayne State University's Mad Anthony concert came around and one of the ways to get tickets to the after party, Keys to the City, was through Pompous' Web Site...and that's when I really looked at this line. My first impression of Pompous? Andy Warhol meets 80's Nintendo; very fun, classic, and a unique representation of urban streetwear. How can something so bad be so good?

Name: Blue Skye Bledsoe
Role: Head Designer/Owner and 1/2 of Pompous Apparel
-->Blue Skye and Sebastian Jackson, Pompous Apparel

Alex Washington (AW):How did Pompous apparel begin? Why the name Pompous?

Blue Skye (BS): Pompous Apparel officially began in January of 2008 although, I have been designing and sewing clothes since I was eleven. Pompous Apparel began with custom painted pieces but after receiving a higher demand, I realized that in order to be mass produced, I had to make the transition to screen printing. The name Pompous Apparel stems from the negative connotation that surrounds the word "pompous"; defined as overly-stated importnace or dignity when really, our goal is to help those who feel as if they stand out, do just that. I was always an ambitious person and more often than not, my confidence in my abilities and future were often misinterpreted for conceit or arrogance. That's when I decided to just put it all out on the table and to call it was it "was", or at least what it appeared to be; Pompous Apparel.

AW: What does the pink elephant, Snuff, represent?

BS: Our logo of the pink elephant, Snuffulufugus Wishuwas or Snuff for short, symbolizes the euphimism of the pink elephant in the room. We are the matter that is not acknowledged; not because we are not visible, on the contrary, it is because our level of ambition, character, and individulism is so compelling that we are intentionally overlooked. Snuff stands for the originality in people.

AW: What is the Pink Elephant Foundation?


May 21, 2009

Yay or Nay: I'm A Go and Get My... - Busta Rhymes

In reality I'm not feeling Busta's album like that.. sorry. But this one track stood out and I had to post it on here.
It features Mike Epps on the intro, I personally dislike the song but it's catchy/entertaining because of Day-Day. :D
Yay or Nay: I'm a Go and Get My... - Busta Rhymes

Music Video: Ego - Beyonce

Everyone's favorite entertainer/diva/hustla/Jay-Z's Bonnie is bbbbaaaacccckkk with yet another video.

Lady Sasha Fierce also known as Beyonce debuted the music video for her single "Ego" on her official web site today.


Game Over - Lil' Flip

CW has officially cancelled one of the few black sitcoms on television. "The Game" will NOT be returning to the network this fall and apparently hasn't been picked up by BET either.
I have been a fan of this show since day one, and I must say I'm quite sad to see it go. Black sitcoms are something that is missing in television. Think about, how many shows on major networks can you name that have Black lead actors? For that matter, any MINORITY lead actors? (The first and only that comes to my mind is Ugly Betty).
It was rumored early yesterday, but it wasn't until one of the lead actresses ,Tia Mowry, announced on Twitter (get hip to it) that she had officially gotten the news the show was cancelled.
It is OFFICIAL that THE GAME has been cancelled:( Just got the call from Mara[Brock Akil]! I am sad to bring this news!
It also looks like BET will not be picking us up either. I did not get any news on that, which makes me think that is dead too.
Again, I just want to thank all THE GAME fans for everything!!!! You all rock!

What I love with what "The Game" did, was that they didn't end their last show in a cliffhanger (I hate those, remember how Moesha ended with us wondering who was pregnant??). This show was well written, had good actors, and a pretty good story line, so why cancel it?
When Girlfriends ended, I wasn't too upset because it was time (the story line starting getting really dumb to me, lo siento) but The Game? It just started peaking in popularity this year with BET picking it up, so why cancel it at it's peak?
Also, Why the flip isn't BET, BLACK Entertainment TELEVISION, picking it up? All the uber lame and wack shows they give us month after month they could use a show with some substance.
I blame Bob Johnson for selling out BET to Viacom -I believe- which controls MTV and VH1. ( that explains why all the shows are the same with minority changes).
I personally believe if CW promoted The Game as much as they have Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, or America's Next Top Model, then the show would still be on. Actually CW moved The Game from the slot it had originally on Monday nights to make way FOR Gossip Girl. Moving the show to Friday was indeed the wrong choice, between Friday night specials and people not being home, it was bound to end this way.
Concrete Loop reported yesterday that another CW fave, Everybody Hates Chris, wouldn't be returning in the fall either.
I can't help but wonder what they could possibly put in place of these two shows...

Yay or Nay: P is for Power - Electrik Red

I first heard of Electrik Red when they were the opening act for the Ne-yo "Year of the Gentleman" tour with Jazmine Sullivan and Musiq Soulchild. At first I wasn't feeling them at all, but they have slowly (very slowly) grown on me. Electrik Red is composed of two sets of childhood friends turned backup dancers turned singers. Their album is being produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, so there are lots of techno/electronic sounding beats. Electrik Red's album "How to Be a Lady: Volume 1" is scheduled to be released May 26. For today's "Yay or Nay" I present to you "P is for Power" by Electrik Red.

May 19, 2009

Money Ain't a Thang - Jermaine Dupri feat. Jay-Z

A friend first tweeted about it and I HAD to find these pics for myself. Janet Jackson is stuck to Jermaine Dupri until death (or lasers) tear them apart. post the pics and JD has gotten a full portrait of Ms. Jackson on the right side of his body.

Yeah, tattooing of the significant other sucks because the relationship hardly ever lasts. *not that I would know or anything*

ALSO, R&B and Hip-hop's C-list Celebs have teamed together in a collaborative effort to make moolah, sing, and showcase their...talents. Meet Ocean's 7: Nelly, Trey Songz, JD, Brian Michael Cox, Usher, Johnta Austin, and Tyrone Davis. * Yup one big a** group of men doing music.* I heard this back a while ago, just wasn't sure how true the rumor was. *Anyone else see this failing beside me? Yes?*
The song is called "So Much Swagg" and not only does the video look like it was shot at the SNL studio, but it has 2 things that need to die now: autotune (or something imitating autotune) and the word swag (yes I'm tired of that too). I can not, shall not, will not take Ocean's 7 seriously. *which doesn't their name remind you of O-Town, SClub7, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees...basically all the uber lame MTV pop bands*
Well here's the video hopefully you reading this can make sense of it.

Children's Story - Slick Rick: Video Blog

Kicking it with my lil' cuzzo Mackenzi...Got her to endorse some people..little kids are funny

May 18, 2009

Spit Your Game - Notorious B.I.G.

A few things happened today,

♫ Though it's Monday the story is just now leaking. Early Saturday morning (like 3-4 a.m. early) outside the Drake concert in Chicago a 21-year-old male was shot in the buttocks. The unidentified victim allegedly got into a scuffle with another gentleman outside the House of Blues when the shooting happened. Hip Hop news Web site reported that before the shooting, several fights occurred inside the club during Drake's 45-minute set resulting in attendees being asked to leave and the cancellation of an after-party.

♫ Eminem told BBC radio show host Tim Westwood that Nick Cannon misinterpreted his message on "Bagpipes from Baghdad". If you've been following you read that Nick Cannon is considering going as far as battling Eminem (yes in rapping) for bashing his wife *lol* Mariah Carey and himself in the song. I don't think anyone has ever reacted this way to an Eminem diss and apparently Em didn't think Nick Carey was going to act this way either.
But it's like this, the way I look at it: I had no idea he was gonna take it like he took it. I had no idea Nick Cannon was gonna start wildin' out on me. No pun intended.

Now Slim hadn't read Cannon's blog post (which mysteriously disappeared off his blog the same day) but he doesn't plan on battling Cannon. If it does come to that point, he says "it is what it is."
via MTV

♫ Asher Roth strikes back at Spencer Pratt...sort of. America's favorite college kid, chatted with MTV and said the least of his worries was Spencer, who just loves to talk and is craving attention.

Who The Heck is that? - Dolla

**I rarely ever do this, but I'm sharing this particular story from There has been plenty of speculation about which 'Dolla' had been murdered today, and yes it was the one from Konvict Musik. **

BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Dolla Shot and Killed in L.A.

By Nolan Strong
The man killed during a high-profile shooting at the Beverley Center in Beverley Hills, California today was Atlanta rapper Dolla, sources have confirmed with

Dolla, born Roderick Anthony Burton II, hailed from East Atlanta and Los Angeles. He was signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik imprint.

The rapper was shot and killed shortly after 3:00 PM near the La Cienga Boulevard entrance, after a fight between a group of individuals broke out.

Witnesses report that a woman was seen firing a handgun. Another source said a male suspect was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport as he attempted to board a flight.

Dolla was originally a member of Hip-Hop group Da Razkals Cru, before he landed a gig for Sean “Diddy” Combs as a model for Sean John.

Dolla had gained a buzz via his track "Who The Heck Is That?" which featured T-Pain and Tay Dizm.

The rapper was reportedly working on his debut solo album titled a Dolla & A Dream.


Music Monday: Eminem

Whether you call him Marshall, Slim, Eminem or "that white guy with mad rhymes," he's back from a 5-year hiatus with his much anticipated album Relapse.
Let's back up a minute shall we?
Em's last studio album was 2004's Encore. He said he wanted to take a break from his own career and focus on family and the budding artists on the Shady/Aftermath label. Breaks for many artists are a time to rejuvenate and refresh, but for Slim quite of few things happened that kept him in the limelight.
In 2005, he cancelled a tour because he was hospitalized for dehydration and an addiction to sleeping pills.
In 2006, he remarried Kim (yes the same Kim he spoke of on Marshall Mathers LP's "Kim") and divorced her 11 weeks later. Eminem also lost his best friend, Proof, in a shooting at a bar in Detroit.
Take all of that pent up aggression, frustration, anger, and depression and put it on wax...Ladies and Gentlemen you have Relapse.
This album is so sick and twisted, but very Eminem.
Now, there has been some controversy about Em' picking at old wounds such as his relationship with Mariah Carey and his mother, but on "My Mom" Slim acknowledges this and opens with "My mom, my mom, I know you're probably tired of hearing about my mum."
He knows he is repeating the same topic, but the theme of his album is addiction (notice that the album cover is him made out of pills?) and it all fits.
Of course you have songs that poke fun at celebrities like "We Made You" and "Bagpipes from Baghdad."
But there are a few that sound like Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem. "Insane" is one of these songs, if you're not used to Eminem's obscurity or are a new listener I wouldn't start with this song. Eminem is one of the best lyricists out there, and this song paints a detailed picture of rape and incest into your head. My advice to you is to listen with caution, that one caught me off guard for a minute.
There's also talk of murder and assault on other songs and interludes as well. I've never believed the ratings put on albums, but if you are considering playing this for your kids, be prepared for them to sleep with you.
There are only two tracks with featured artists: The buzz single "Crack a Bottle" feat. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent and "Old Times Sake" with Dr. Dre. So 98% of the album is all Eminem. The beats? If you were even concerned about that you need to go back to the Slim Shady LP; the beats are bananas.
Results: ♫♫♫♫♫ of 5.
Though the topics are very sensitive *I wonder if the FCC is coming after him with this one* the lyrics are catchy, witty, classic Eminem, overall they're fire.
Also, what's been floating around is that there was so much music recorded this time that Slim Shady will be releasing Relapse 2, later this year.

Song of the Day: Ode to Hip-hop

So if you follow me on Twitter you know that at some point throughout the day I will post my "Song of the Day." Well, today's song is so important to me, lol. It's from the Brown Sugar soundtrack and it's Erykah Badu's ode to hip the female version of Common Sense's "I Used to Love H.E.R." Actually that's exactly what it is and it features Common as well. Video is dope too and I decided to add Common's 1995 CLASSIC track as well..enjoy.

Before you watch this one, I'd like to take this moment to say Kanye West did not say "I met this girl when I was...years old" first, that was Common and I need you to get up on your hip-hop history...but yeah watch this vid.

May 17, 2009

If You Want Me to Stay - Wayman Tisdale (1964-2009)

Friday, May 15, both the sports and music world suffered a loss. Renowned jazz musician and former NBA center/power forward Wayman Tisdale lost his battle to Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma).
Music is the gift I leave behind, basketball was my first love, but music will be here forever

Tisdale passed away Friday morning at the St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
In 2007, he broke his leg and that is when a cancerous cyst was discovered resulting in the amputation of his right leg.
Tisdale was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in 1985 making him the second overall NBA draft pick. He played for the Sacremento Kings and Phoenix Suns as well, before calling it quits to focus on his budding music career in 1997.
Many basketball players try to do rap music (see:Shaq, Ron Artest, A.I.), but Tisdale went a more mellow route and tried his hand at jazz *which is what i love, he did what he wanted and not what was expected* His first CD Power Forward was released in 1995, but it wasn't until 2001's "Face to Face" that he scored his first number one album.
In April, it was announced that Tisdale had been chosen for the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.
He is survived by his wife, Regina, and their four children.

If You Want Me To Stay - Wayman Tisdale

May 15, 2009

Summer Vacations - The Cool Kids: Video Blog!!!

Yay or Nay: Don't Play Me - Earlly Mac

I know it's not Thursday, anymore anyway, but the peeps over at Fli Pelican posted this new joint from Earlly MacMillion and I had to "Yay or Nay" it. If you've heard Big Sean's UKNOWBIGSEAN *which if you're an avid reader of my blog, you SHOULD have THAT by NOW!* Then you heard Earlly Mac on two tracks "Mr. Incredible" and "Hollywood." So, this special "Yay or Nay": Don't Play Me - Earlly Mac

I Heard it Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye

It's Friday!!!! Be happy! Smile! But as always there's a few things floating around the rumor mill, some have been proven as fact, others I'm still waiting on the green light, seal of authenticity or something.

♬Anybody besides me watch Maury, when they do the crazy/wild videos? Well you've seen Egypt, she's a radio personality and also a blogger. She reported on her blog that Whitney Houston and her 16-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina were seen arguing at a restaurant in Atlanta. What I've seen about the situation, they were cursing at each other and Whitney kept reaching for the bottle..of wine.

♬This is going to be a one-liner. Paula Abdul's single "I'm Just Here for the Music" broke onto the Top #100 charts. That is all on that one.

XXL Mag reported this morning that not only is Drake going on tour late summer *probably mid-July-August* but he'll be on tour with Young Jeezy and Lil' Wayne. They also reported that Drake told Much Music that if everything goes to plan Hov may be joining the tour as well.
God willing, if everything goes according to plan and everybody’s schedule is in place, then I will be on tour with some amazing people. One of them being Jay-Z, one of them being Lil Wayne, one of them being Young Jeezy and one of them being me.

Well I don't know how this is going to go because Ciara just leaked that her and Jay-Z are going on tour this summer,as well. And Drake with Jeezy and Wayne? I'm sorry but that combo is very weird. I actually would prefer a Young Money tour. Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Curren$y...that lineup works better together; to me anyway.

♬DMX is no longer locked up. Mr. X was released from Tent City Jail in Arizona on May 13. The rapper's publicist Pam Pinnock told XXL Magazine that DMX was released on bail after serving only 3 months of his sentence. BUT X is not a free man yet, though he served his time for the crimes committed OUTSIDE of jail, he has a court day for May 19 on a charge of assault on a jail officer, though naturally X claims he didn't do it. Despite being incarcerated, DMX is working on another album with Swizz Beatz (Swizzie!) and is apparently available for guest appearances.

♬ T.I. and Tiny are set to wed this weekend. I thought T.I. was already in jail, but I heard on the radio he has a few days left *I swear he's running them, like "I go to jail when I want to* Or he might be in jail, Papoose wanted to marry Remy Ma while she was locked down. Conjugal visits? Also T.I. is re-releasing Paper Trail with a few exclusive tracks featuring artists such as Kanye West. Well of course SOMEthing had to leak and that was his song with Mary J. Blige I had to get my hands on that one so I leave you with this: T.I. and Mary J. Blige - "Don't Forget"

Best I Ever Had - Drake

She Just Wanna Dance - Drake feat. Trey Songz-
So I missed the concert at the Majestic Theatre last night, but I didn't need a concert to prove to me his skill.
Young Money affiliate, Drake, released his new mixtape "The Drought is Over" and naturally I had to put the download link on here. Now it does have a few songs from the "So Far Gone" mixtape like "Uptown," "Successful" and of course his newly released single that's not so new "Best I Ever Had." The set up of this mixtape reminds me of Nicki Minaj's "Beam Me Up Scotty" with the "Drake Speaks" interludes. Some of the featured artists are Colin Munroe, Trey Songz and, of course, Weezy F. Baby. That's all I'm going to tell you for now, if you want more you got to download it for yourself.
Click Here to Download

May 14, 2009

Yay or Nay: Too Easy - Octane

You don't have to go to Burn Rubber to know who Ro/Octane is. *I mean I've never been to BR (will change soon) and I know..then again this is hip-hop we're dealing with.* I couldn't post last week's freestyle release because the file was acting crazy but take my word for it, it's dope. Today's freestyle was produced by DL Jones, so here's another "Yay or Nay": Octane's "Too Easy".

Yay or Nay: Take Me Away - Tyrese

All you light skinned dudes need to watch out because the chocolate one is back! lol. Tyrese has released his new single "Take Me Away." The last GOOD single the Mayhem *sidebar:that's his comic book* released was Signs of Love Making back in say 2003. He took the hiatus to focus on his budding acting career and now he takes a turn with AutoTune *though he says he didn't use it*

May 13, 2009

Roc Boys (And the Winner Is...) - Jay-Z

Yesterday was the BET Awards 2009 announcing of the awards show nominees. The ones in bold are my projected winners and the names in italics are the ones I think really should win, and the ones with * means both. *there is a difference people*They Are:

Best Male R&B Artist:
The Dream
Jamie Foxx
Ryan Leslie

Best Female R&B Artist:
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson*
Jennifer Hudson
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Group:
Day 26
GS Boys
The Roots
3 6 Mafia

Best Collaboration:
"Blame It" - Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain
"Turnin' Me On" Keri Hilson feat. Lil' Wayne
"Pop Champagne" Jim Jones & Ron Brown feat Juelz Santana
"Live Your Life" - T.I. feat. Rihanna
"Ain't I" Yung LA feat Young Dro and T.I.

Best Male Hip Hop Artist:
Lil' Wayne
Rick Ross
Kanye West
Young Jeezy

Best Female Hip Hop Artist:
Lil' Mama
M.I.A.* -- Only on B.E.T. because of "Swagger Like Us"

Best New Artist: (sidebar, this is almost difficult)
Keri Hilson*
Kid Cudi
Ryan Leslie
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Gospel Artist:
Regina Belle
Shirley Caesar
Mary Mary*
Smokie Norful
Trin-I-Tee 5:7

Video of the Year:
"If I Were a Boy" - Beyonce
"Single Ladies" - Sasha Fierce (lol)
"Blame It" - Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain
"Live Your Life" - T.I.
"Heartless" - Kanye West

Video Director of the Year:
Benny Boom
Rick Cordero
Gil Green
Chris Robinson
Hype Williams*

Best Actor:
Idris Elba
Samuel L. Jackson
Will Smith
Jamal Woodard

Best Actress:
Angela Bassett
Rosario Dawson
Taraji P. Henson*
Jennifer Hudson
Beyonce Knowles

Male Athlete of the Year:
Kobe Bryant
Reggie Bush (<3 him...and Tory Polamalu...that's random)
LeBron James*
Dwayne Wade
Tiger Woods

Female Athlete of the Year:
Tamika Catchings
Lisa Leslie
Candace Parker*
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

BET J Award:
Musiq Soulchild*
Raphael Saadiq
Jazmine Sullivan

May 12, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

I have officially read it all, MTV "The Hills" star Spencer Pratt says he is the white Jay-Z.
Yes, you read it right. Maybe I should backtrack a little bit.
Hills antagonist and Mr. Heidi Montag debuted his rap single "I'm A Celebrity" on the Ryan Secrest show, May 11.
Of course something like this couldn't be untouched by MTV.
In an interview with MTV, Pratt says he always felt he was a rap superstar but it wasn't until Asher Roth broke the ice that he felt he was ready.
I've always known that I secretly am the hottest rapper in the game. But I didn't feel the urge until Asher Roth started hitting the airwaves and — no offense to Asher Roth — somebody with some real swagger needed to come into the game. So, I'll challenge him. I'll challenge him to a freestyle or whatever. I'm the white Jay-Z in the game. I'm doing the baller thing. I'm more for the streets.

JUST like Asher Roth (maybe he's worse) we have yet another kid strongly influenced by the lies the media fed us about rap music. This is not a race thing (because Eminem=possibly the best lyricist out right now), it's a music respect thing and "I'm a Celebrity" is soooo disrespectful..yet entertaining. Pratt does have plans to release an album, and maybe a single with his sometimes wife Heidi Montag.You may laugh now.

Window Shopper - 50 Cent

At first it was just a rumor I heard early in the a.m., but XXL magazine published the letter they received on their Web site. Rick Ross *I swear he needs his own section on Tha 'A' Side now* is back under the microscope after the urban lifestyle magazine received a letter from Louis Vuitton stating that the glasses on the cover of the May 2009 issue were NOT real. *HA!*

Dear Editor:

We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. Because the photo has generated considerable confusion among your readers and Louis Vuitton customers among others, we feel it is important to clarify several points.

The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the confusion.


Michael D. Pantalony, Esq.
Louis Vuitton Malletier

Here's where I find the problem: Why is XXL Magazine publishing this themselves? Do they not realize it reflects poorly on them too? Usually for magazine shoots the accessories and clothes are rented/borrowed from companies by the magazine for the shoot unless they have things already in their closet to use. Though there are some cases where some items belong to the subject...

Can't wait for what Mr. Ross has to say. How can you be the biggest boss with fake LV's??

May 11, 2009

Music Monday: Chrisette and Cam'Ron

I have been a fan of Chrisette Michele since I heard her sing the hook to Jay-Z's "Lost One" off of his 2006 album Kingdom Come and then the following year she released her single "If I Had My Way." *loved that* Now Chrisette is back with "Epiphany" and this album could NOT have been titled any better. The theme of this album? End of a relationship and moving on. From the album's first single "Epiphany" *whose video featured Drake, though I may critique his rap skills he's a looker* to "Blame it On Me" and "Another One," you're listening to a journey as a woman goes through all the emotions of ending a relationship. On this album Chrisette only co-wrote three of the tracks but that doesn't make it any less personal. Some of the contributions came from Ne-Yo *who is credited to six tracks* and Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. Some smaller credits, come from Michigan *of course had to throw that in there* with contributions from Bei Maejor and Tim Bosky.

If you're in a happy and blessed relationship (like some of you are) you may not want to listen to this album unless you're pissed at your significant other. You still can't deny her talents, for that I give her:
♬♬♬♬ out of 5.
Killa Cam is back...lmao I can't even say that with a straight face. Ever since that Pink Mink/Range/Cell/Everything fiasco I have had the hardest time taking Cam'Ron seriously. If you say you still took him seriously you're either :

A) a liar
B) one of his family members
C) Cam'ron himself O_o

But the pink one is back with his first album in 3 years, "Crime Pays." Skitzo produced almost the entire album with a few from ARAAB Muzik. No matter how much of a wanna-thug he is, I can stomach this album. The album's accidental single "My Job," is a hood struggle anthem while joints like "Cookies-N-Apple Juice" give a new nickname to some classic parts, if you catch my drift.
My problem with Cam is that he continues to talk about being a thug/gangster/whatever and he came out with "Oh Boy" and rocked that Baby Pink Baby Phat Nextel ( I don't forget.) Apparently Cam'Ron didn't either because he addressed it in one of his skits, "F--k Cam'Ron..#3."
Though it's an album intended for mainstream sale, Cam'ron takes a mixtape approach to it which is why I think it works. Tracks like "Whoo Hoo" remind me of way back when Dipset were one of the best rap cliques around. With Byrd Lady on a couple of tracks and Skitzo producing most of it, I can't help but wonder what Cam has up his sleeve.
I give Crime Pays: ♬♬♬ out of 5
There is no set coherent pattern to the track order which breaks up the rhyme flow and causes problems. But he gets points for trying.