July 8, 2010

Little Boys, Dangerous Toys - Cameo

Well, I'm going on another blogger hiatus. I know, I know I've already been struggling trying to keep up with posts. But I'm sure once the fruit of my labor (aka when the story I'm working on runs, you'll understand why I'm cooling it on the blogger tip). Naturally I can't leave you all empty. Some other places to check out are Clic University, Whutupdoe, Cliff Skighwalker, Do the Write Thing (#Word to Amy, Women in hip-hop rock, yo) and any and everything in my blog roll.

The last thing I'm posting is this video from Bei Maejor.

I was stupid impressed. One thing my mom always told me was there is music in everything, and Bei Maejor shows how true that is by making a beat out of children's play things. Obnoxious right? But oh so ill. Check it out:

*BTW the picture is upside on purpose. His project The Upside Down Project should be dropping pretty soon.

With that said. I'll see you all in August. #Ciao

Flashback: Murder She Wrote - Chaka Demus and Pliers

It's nearly 3 a.m. and while I'm sitting here writing this song popped into my head. There is nothing deep I need to say, no background, but this is a classic reggae joint that I think everyone knows (of) and has danced to. Murder she wrote ...

July 4, 2010

What a Feeling - Ro Spit

Friday night at St. Andrew's (#word to Bizarre) Ro Spit and Monica Blaire along with one big band took the stage for the Renaissance State of Mind Experience. Here's my recap along with footage from the show and literally a one second clip looped five times of Ro Spit jitting, lol. It was fun, should've been there.

July 3, 2010

Music Video: Hassani Kwess

The good thing about having friends in other places, is learning about the music scene in their respective cities. The homie Young Scolla directed me to this joint by Hassani Kwess, a rapper out of the DMV area. His mixtape 'Tron' drops tonight at midnight and I'm assuming will be made available on his bandcamp page. He recently dropped the video for one of the mixtape tracks, "Midnight Bravado," shot in D.C. and directed by Jay Dexter, a D.C. based photographer and videographer. The song definitely reminds me of the 90s, specifically his flow and delivery reminds me of Common Sense (around that time of "I Used to Love H.E.R."). My interest is definitely piqued in this guy and if the joints on Tron are anything like this, it should be something worth listening.