November 20, 2010

Supermodel - Ru Paul

Like hip-hop, the fashion industry is overlooked in the Motor City.

Last Saturday, fashion industry professionals and hopefuls gathered at 5E Gallery for Design.Define.Detroit.

DDD was more than just a fashion show, as we see so often in the underground Detroit circuit, it featured a panel discussion that included Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh, Jenny Lee of Allied Media Group and Hajj Flemings of Brand Camp University.

The most talked about topic was what it took to establish a garment district in Detroit and according to Charles Pugh, there used to be a garment district in Detroit, but we now know it as Harmonie Park.

My favorite quote from the panel came from Hajj Flemings:
No one can write the Detroit story like Detroiters can.
Discussion wasn't the only thing happening, there were fashion shows as well which featured both stylists (like  Benny Lee and Fanciee) and designers such as Eugenia Paul.

I have to give it up to the events organizers Piper Carter and Ris Tena; I know 5E Gallery had some unexpected issues happen just days before DDD but they pulled off an amazing event.

In short, I loved it.

From my understanding they're doing another event next year and I really hope so.

It's always nice to be in the same room as so many motivated individuals and to see the look on the designers faces after their collection has finished the runway is pretty cool.

Fashion is an interesting industry; there are no rules, just creating and that's completely underrated.

Let Me Get 'Em - Octane & Illite

By now, I hope you are all pretty familiar with Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique, the small sneaker shop with a big clientele serving Metro Detroit (or the world?) nestled cozily in Downtown Royal Oak.

BR probably has one of the most recognized logos in the state for sure and on November 26, Chef So Ill will have a closer ear to the street. Burn Rubber x Nike will be releasing the Burn Rubber New Balance MT580, what's even more crazy than the fact they will be releasing their own shoe, there are only 1,000 pairs that will be made 500 of which will be in the United States. Same exclusivity the Air Yeezy had, #BallerStatus.

Burn Rubber has been around since 2004 and in the hands of its current owners, Rick Williams and Ro Coit (yup, Ro Spit), since 2007.

I've said this a million and three times, you can't help but respect Rick and Ro for everything they've accomplished with the Burn Rubber brand. Whether your a sneakerhead or not (like myself) you definitely could lear a thing or two from them.


Speaking of sneakerheads,  November 27 (the day after the BR New Balance drops), there's going to be "the ultimate sneakerhead event" going down at St. Andrew's Hall.

'What's Your Size' will be going down and there will be giveaways, contests and all that cool stuff. Doors open at 7 p.m. and if you want to show off what you have give BR a call (248.543.3000) for table rental info.

Immediately following that we have "Yours Truly" a concert featuring Ro Spit and Stretch Money with a live band (rap and live bands usually equal awesomeness). It's 18+, tickets are being sold in advance at BR and if you cop the VIP tickets, you'll also get a ticket to the aforementioned sneaker swap.

Come, check it out. It should be a good time.

November 18, 2010

Music Video: Ambiguous - Mike Posner & Big Sean

As 2010 winds down and 2011 rears its head, we slowly begin to reflect on the year and how it's been.

I wonder what Big Sean and Mike Posner have to say for themselves?

Just turn on the radio or open a magazine and you'll see on of them; which is pretty cool for some 20-something guys from Detroit.

At the beginning of Fall they both dropped major projects, Mike dropped his iTunes chart topping '31 Minutes to Takeoff' and Big Sean released his highly anticipated mixtape 'Finally Famous Vol. 3'.

Mike Posner and Big Sean have collaborated several times ("Who Knows," "Cooler Than Me" (the original) and "Smoke and Drive" to name a few) and if I remember one of Big Sean's tweets correctly, they may just have something brewing.

Things are looking good (#punintended) for them and even better in their first music video together "Ambiguous" presented by Karmaloop. Check it out.

"Ambiguous" Music Video from KarmaloopTV on Vimeo.

Music Video: Shook Ones - Diggy

Yes, you read that title accurately, America's favorite young Simmons has decided to tackle the classic Mobb Deep track "Shook Ones, Pt. II" from their 1995 album, 'The Infamous'.

Aside from the fact that Diggy was born the same year this dropped, I must say what he's doing is interesting. I think Diggy is trying to cover his tracks across the board. What I mean is, he doesn't want to be Lil' Bow Wow, he wants his market to be bigger and I think he thinks tackling classics could be the way to garner attention from the older generations.

I could be wrong.

If you remember a while ago, he tackled Nas' "Made You Look" which is what got a lot of people looking him at more than just the Reverend's son. He then got signed, dropped a mixtape, did a few bars in the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, the list kind of goes on for the kid.

November 11, 2010

Six Feet Under the Stars - All Time Low

Next Tuesday, one of the most awesomest chicks I know will be another year older.

@six_two is probably one of the hardest working people I've ever met, she manages two rappers, a Christian singer and a fitness model (talk about variety), promotes events ... I'm sure it'll be easier to make a list of the things she doesn't do.

She's helped quite a few of us so what better way to help her celebrate her birthday?

Tonight at the Bullfrog (5 mile & Telegraph), is the Sixer 2.0, an 18+ affair, hosted by Ron Dance and featuring performances by: Moe Dirdee, Suai, Jwan, Buzz Burrus, and more.

$5 for the 21+ crowd
$10 for the under 21 crowd.
*at midnight there will be a flat entry fee of $10 for everyone*
Come, enjoy yourselves, live a little.

Music Video: Flossin' & Bossin' - Jscriptz

Straight Flush Giant, Jscriptz,  dropped the video for "Flossin' & Bossin'" off his upcoming project 'Vanishing Point'.
This is the second video Jscriptz has released the first one, "Here I Go," was released at the beginning of Fall and was shot "Guerilla style" through Downtown Detroit.

 Jscriptz keeps that whole raw and uncut theme going with the "Flossin' & Bossin'" video which is mostly footage from him recording at the studio mixed in with some clips kickin' it with friends.

Check out both videos below.

Here I Go

The Wizard - Danny Brown

I like rap and I like Harry Potter; so when I stumbled across this video of a Wizarding Rap Battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort I couldn't help but post it.

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Pt. 1 releasing next week, this kind of all ties together.
It's entertaining, but if you never read a HP novel or seen a few of the movies a lot of the "reasons this is awesome" will go over your head.

And yes, I am well aware that my dorkiness is showing ... but I'm cool with that.

November 1, 2010

Music Video: Too Fake - Big Sean

Big Sean has been getting hit with the leaks lately. Since the spring, a lot of his tracks have hit the internet before they could even be mastered—like the "Made" feat. Drake or the more recent "I Don't Think They Want It" (which hit the net yesterday).

He doesn't seem to let that phase him much as he released the music video for "Too Fake," a track featuring Chiddy Bang off Big Sean's latest mixtape 'Finally Famous Vol. 3'

Check it out below.