January 9, 2011

New: The Virus - KetchP feat. Guilty Simpson and Xplicit Lyric

It was spring last year around the release of 'Follow the Drip' that I first heard Street Justice and so fondly remember the "you have got to be sh*tting me" responses I got from admitting that.

Not too long ago it was announced that one of the group's members, Ketchphraze, was releasing his solo project at some point this year but to build anticipation and buzz around it, he's leaking joints that he's done until the project's relase.

"The Virus" is the first in a series of leaks and it was produced by Black Milk and features Guilty Simpson and Xplicit Lyric. Sounds like an awesome a** combination right?

January 2, 2011

The Dude - Chuck Good

Chuck Good is back again with another edition of the Red Cup Session.
The hip-hop party and showcase has been going strong for over a year now and kicking off the year is the Red Cup New Year's Edition.

I got the chance to attend the last one (and even wrote about it for RDW), and while Chuck #fries me on the regular to the point I'm sometimes scared to believe anything he says, I really admire the work he has put in.

While the Red Cup sessions have been deemed "high school" by some, it's actually a pretty good showcasing of what younger, aspiring artists are capable of. When the sessions first started, the crowd was made up of about a hundred people, now more than 400 people have been to them and it's expected to keep getting larger.

The Red Cup New Year's Session will be at The Shelter (the basement of St. Andrew's Hall) on January 7th. If you're in high school, it's hte perfect way to destress one more time before classes relaly kick your behind and if you're in college it's a great way to come, kickback, and show support.

Some of the performers include Buzz Burrus, Chip$, GBaby, Jsun, Key Wane, Big Shan, Chuck Good (of course) and more.

The event will be hosted by Lawrence Lamont and the DJ for the evening will be the awesome Ro Spit.