April 27, 2010

Yay or Nay: Off Key - Jay Beretta

Jay Beretta released his mixtape 'Countdown 2 Takeoff' just in time for the 2009 holiday season. I kind of think he's beyond his years lyrically and like his surname Beretta implies, this high schooler is packing a lot of heat (was that lame?) We hadn't heard from him since the release of his mixtape, but my assumption of him cooking up something new was dead on. I compared him to P.L. once before but with his new song I definitely think he's in his own lane. While Jay Beretta's only a senior, he's definitely not rapping about pep rallies and prom. His new song features Shantee Tyler, Yay or Nay: "Off Key" - Jay Beretta.

April 26, 2010

How We Do - Street Justice

<a href="http://streetjustice.bandcamp.com/track/smiling-faces">Smiling Faces by Street Justice</a>

It's no secret I'm "new" to this Detroit hip-hop scene, I'm definitely a work in progress and this
blog is everything that I've picked up along the way and have gone back in time and "studied". A group I've recently been put on is Street Justice.
 I know a lot of people know who they are, but keeping it real, I didn't. It was one of those, heard of them but never heard anything type deals ... at least until now. Frathouse Music and Whutupdoe.com present: 'Follow the Drip' mixtape mixed by DJ Sicari of 5Ela. Redd, Ketchphraze and Jypsy are something like lyrical geniuses different styles of delivery equally as powerful bars, definitely not a group to take lightly (I think Marcel calling them Michigan's version of Gangstarr is a pretty accurate description). 'Follow the Drip' is the prelude to their album 'Go H.A.A.M' and if that is anything like this ... anticipated greatness.

(Click HERE to download 'Follow The Drip')

While I'm focusing so hard on trying to figure out why Street Justice has been missing in my life, I found out they released their video for one of the joints "Breakin' Rocks" off their upcoming album. The video was shot over a year ago and was directed by Girard Victor (the creative genius behind Ro Spit's "Renaissance State of Mind" and Elzhi's "Deep" videos).

I don't care how late I am (or am I ahead of some others?) ... I like them ... a lot.

* Also peep how ILL Redd's tattoo is! I want that treble/bass clef heart tattooed.

Mixtape: Young Slapz and M. Dizz

So Slapz and Dizz are at it again, today they released the 'We Wasn't Bullshittin' Power Pack'. They're not rapping as a duo this time, two separate mixtape joints, one camp. Shoutout to Nate Hickman on the graphic design tip.

Click HERE to download M. Dizz's 'Another Random Mixtape for Twitter'

Click HERE to download Young Slapz's 'High off Oxygen & Wasted off Simply Lemonade'

April 25, 2010

Mixtape: MosEL

<a href="http://mosel.bandcamp.com/track/king-s-t">KING S#!T by MosEL</a>

Finals week is approaching and it's about that time to start putting together your late-night Red Bull and textbooks playlist. Well, I have something you may want to take a listen too before you snap your pencils and highlighters in frustration. Meet MosEL, a rapper from Detroit and younger brother of Crown Nation's Quelle. I went to high school with MosEL  and he's actually the reason I know who Black Milk is, he may not remember that conversation but I do. Anyway, if you're into checking credits like I am, you may have seen he produced a couple of joints on Danny Brown's The Hybrid ("Juno" and "Thank God" to be exact). He recently dropped his mixtape "Just Thinking Out Loud," which showcases his own production as well as the likes of Madlib. It's something different and has a pretty good vibe for before the caffeine and sugar highs kick in.

April 20, 2010

Flashback: "Mass Appeal" - Gang Starr

It was announced today that Guru, one-half of the legendary hip-hop duo Gang Starr, lost his battle with cancer Monday. Today's Flashback video is the first song I ever heard by them, "Mass Appeal."

Mixtape: Ashbury Asston: Thee Movie

Asston Kusher is a name I first heard at last year's 3DaysB4Fame event, a mixtape of his was actually pushed in my hands. Today in honor of his favorite holiday, Tree Rollins released his mixtape 'Thee Movie" powered by DJ BJ and Revive. You do see some familiar features like TGL and JFin, but features don't make this tape (and I'm personally happy about that).
Download: Assbury Asston: Thee Movie Here.

Bad Intentions - Dr. Dre

It's no secret Snoop Dogg loves the ganja. While he was performing in Amsterdam a few years ago, Diddy presented the West Coast rapper with a really, really, big doobie—really. In front of a sold out show, Snoop D-O-Double-G tokes ... and tokes ... and tokes.

Smoke Weed - Cypress Hill

As we all know, weed is not just a Black thing it's a people thing (more commonly called 'Pot' in the suburban areas). Peep some famous smokers below:

Now we know what Kevin was doing Home Alone while his parents were away. In 2004 Macaulay Culkin was arrested for weed possession during a traffic stop in Oklahoma.
He may have set a record after winning 8 Olympic Gold Medals in swimming but shortly after his victory a photo was released of Phelps hitting a bong at an apartment  during his days as a University of Michigan Wolverine.

 Ok, this one hasn't been proven, but I do think my homie M. Stewzy has taken a puff or two. I mean have you seen what the woman does with paper and a glue gun? You have to be under some kind of influence to do that stuff. If I ever meet Martha Stewart, I'm asking her to make me fudge and if she has ever took a hit.

Good ol' Paris Hilton. I mean who really expected her NOT to have tried the mean green at least once. But she's Paris and she poops diamonds so it doesn't matter. but I wanna know who did she send to the corner store for her 'rillos.
Before Barack Obama, we had Bill Clinton, who many deemed as the closest thing we would probably ever see to a Black president (if only we knew how wrong we were). Anyway Good ol' Billy played the sax, had sex with a secretary in the Oval office and hit a joint or two during his days in Arkansas (though I do wonder if he took a pull of that stuff while he was President, remember how chill he was?)

It would only be right if I ended this post with Willie Nelson. Besides being completely open about his weed use, the country megastar has been on the cover of High Times yet hasn't been arrested for a weed related charge (Moonshine? sure. Mary Jane? No). Mr. Nelson is what rappers aspire to be.

Friday - Ice Cube

Every smoker remembers the first time they toked, no matter how high they may have gotten after the fact, they remember everything from seeing the weed being broke down to the cigarillo spliced and sparked. There are plenty of classic weed movies like 'How High' starring Method Man and Redman or Dave Chapelle's 'Half-Baked' but perhaps the most infamous of all is 'Friday' starring Ice Cube as Craig and the Chris Tucker as the beloved Smokey. No matter which movie you prefer, one thing is for certain, don't eff up the rotation: Puff, Puff, Give.

Wake & Bake - Kid Cudi

For the past 12 months more than half of you have gotten excited seeing 4:20 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. appear on your BlackBerry, iPhone and GShock clocks. Well, the day is finally here. April 20, 4/20, basically national toke to you choke day. Now how the day started is a little hazy and many modern day "weedheads" can't even tell you the suggested story themselves.

It's a simple story: In the 1970s some kids, now known to the blowed as the Waldos, were student athletes at a high school in California, and after practice was out at 4:20 they would go smoke. Toss in the befriending of Grateful Dead and exposure in High Times and badd-a-bing we got ourselves a quiet holiday.

Throughout the day, all posts will be related to Mary Jane and her special day, live a little it's all in fun. What better way to kick off the day than with a Wake & Bake.

April 19, 2010

Music Video: "Flight School" - P.L.

P.L. is becoming oen of my favorite rappers. His pre-tape 'No Brakes' hosted by DJ Mo Beatz and produced by The Olympicks released not too long ago and I know it has me gassed for 'Turning Lane'. Anyway, today he released the video for his joint "Flight School" and it was directed by Dante Marshall (yep, the photographer, he also shot Big Sean's "Supa Dupa Lemonade" video too). I love black and white vids and in most cases with a few clean shots, they're always a win. What do you think?

April 18, 2010

Anniversary - Toni! Tony! Toné!

Today 'Tha 'A' Side' officially turns one, just had to say. Thanks. This is also my 400th post!

Big Brother - Kanye West

My big brother was Big's brother...

Yay or Nay: All the Right Moves - Buzz Burrus

There are different parts to Detroit hip-hop, granted it's all spectacular and great music to vibe to, but I'm noticing that different sectors do different things. There are different styles, their influences sound different and the what they choose to release are most definitely ... different. But different in a good way, I couldn't imagine being in a place that had one unified sound and that's what makes Detroit what it is. I say this with a point, this next Yay or Nay comes from Buzz Burrus, he's a part of the Baby Detroit movement (check the post on Chuck Good to know what that is) and the song he chose to drop lines over isn't another rap song, it's by One Republic, continuing with this different in a good way thing.
What do you think about it? Yay or Nay: All the Right Moves - Buzz Burrus.

Music Video: GooD on Da Way/Turn Me Up

Fact: Yung GooD is one of the coolest dudes I've met. He's been taking his time and working on his new mixtape that should be dropping fairly soon. GooD released his first single "Stop  N' Stare" featuring Princeton last month and has big plans for summer 2010. A few days ago, he released his first music video for "GooD on Day Way/Turn Me Up", check it out.

Yay or Nay: Eff Yourself - Ren Cen

Maybe you've heard of RenCen before, no not the landmark in Downtown Detroit, but the self-proclaimed nerdy, rocker rapper. You probably caught him down at a cypher at Bob's Classic Kick's or maybe you saw him open up for Janelle Monae at St. Andrew's Hall not too long ago. Maybe you haven't heard of him at all, but he's definitely someone you should make note of. He's working on his first album "Cyber Pimp" and will be shooting the video for this song really soon (like next week soon). Yay or Nay: "Eff Yourself" - RenCenCoolBeanz

Yay or Nay: Kick It - Chuck Good

There's this kid by the name of Chuck Good and if memory serves me correctly he's a solid 16. There's this event called 'The Red Cup Session' that showcases Baby Detroit (the high schoolers who are working just as hard as the graduates to get heard). Chuck started that and you can't say that's not ill, to be one person, at age 16, putting on one of the most talked about events in Detroit. Chuck Good shows promise and not too long ago he released a song featuring another young one, Jae Alyse. Yay or Nay: Kick It - Chuck Good feat. Jae Alyse

Share - Drake

I'm assuming this is the OU show, not really sure, but it was at one of the "Detroit" shows that Drake caught more than he bargained for while performing, a pair of pink panties to be exact. Drake's reaction is funny because he smells his hand after he drops them. Whoever tossed them had great aim because they landed perfectly, maybe Drizzy will keep his hand closed during performances. Peep what he says.

(Fast-forward to 6:18)

*Got word it was definitely the Oakland University show on April 15.

April 6, 2010

Music Video: "House Party" - Earlly Mac

Finally, Earlly Mac has released the video for his single "House Party," directed by Lawrence Lamont, online. If you were one of the cool kids, you saw the video at a private party on April Foolay Day. His mixtape, 'Party Boy' will be dropping May 1, 2010.

Not familiar with Earlly? Check out his interview with me =)