May 26, 2010

Music Video: "Cooler Than Me"

I thought my life took a loopy turn this past year, it does not compare to how Mike Posner's has changed. When I interviewed him for Michigan Hip Hop, he had just released his first mixtape "A Matter of Time" and was trying to study for his junior year midterms at Duke University. Now, the 22-year-old Southfield native is working on his debut album as one of the newest artists on J Records, released another mixtape at the end of last year, One Foot Out The Door, graduated with a bachelor's degree from Duke University (plans to return to get a MBA in the fall) AND will be one of many artists on this year's Vans Warped Tour. Life is moving at the speed of sound for Posner and today his video for "Cooler Than Me" premiered. Check it out below. And that Red Wings jacket? f**king BOMB!

May 25, 2010

A Strange Arrangement - Mayer Hawthorne

I once told someone to understand hip-hop you have to listen to other genres; sticking to rap only kind of limits your ability to fully hear the song.  For a while, Ro Spit has been saying that he was working on something that was unlike other things he's done, but something he's been looking forward to doing. Finally, the news is out, his new project "A Different Arrangement" will drop June 8 and will be his lyrics done to the beats on Mayer Hawthorne's "A Strange Arrangement" (like how Mae Day did her mixtape 'Cherish the Day' over Sadé tracks). If you're still a little confused, it's ok, Ro Spit teamed up with director Girard Victor for this promo vid which will give you a little more understanding of what's to come in a few weeks.

May 24, 2010

Yay or Nay: Celebrate - Nametag feat. Ro Spit

Nametag is releasing his album "The Name is Tag" June 21st and it's one of the albums I am anticipating on hearing this summer. Today he released the second single off the album "Celebrate," it features Ro Spit and was produced by Black Milk (who is dropping his album "Album of the Year" later this summer). I think Nametag is underrated (then again what local artist don't I think is underrated), and with production by Black Milk, features including Quest MCODY, Cold Men Young and Street Justice, I'm sure 'The Name is Tag' is going to ooze summer awesomness. Yay or Nay: "Celebrate" - Nametag feat. Ro Spit.

<a href="">CELEBRATE ft. Ro Spit prod. by Black Milk by Nametag</a>

The Freshmen - Verve Pipe

(Eric and Phil of Freshman Clothing)  
Friends are home, sun is out, summer is here and what better way to spend the first rain-free, over 70-degree day than in Downtown Detroit on the strip on E. Grand River. On this strip you'll find Spectacles, DSE @ Grand, Espresso Jazzy Café, Iklektik, and where I spent my Sunday, Freshman Clothing. Freshman Clothing is the newest store on the strip, true freshmen, and owned by some very fresh men, Eric Lowry and Phil Simpson. Besides being the heads behind this up-and-coming brand, the fellows are really talented painters and decided to display their skills with an art show.
Honestly, it was a great time, very chill —drama free — and just a perfect way to spend one of the first days of summer. Some of everybody came down including Juan Neal (who is off his blogging hiatus), CiCi Ross, J. Fin, Buzz Burrus, Chuck Good, and a lot more.
As for the art? Very cool stuff. I haven't figured if I was disappointed that Eric didn't display any of the custom sneakers he's done or happy that he chose to display something unexpected of him. Though I don't understand why people thought he wasn't a skilled canvas painter, I mean have you seen the things he can do to a pair of shoes?
Anyway, one of the most interesting pieces is probably what I would call Phil's .. "rediscovery" paintings, I will never look at a snail or diving board the same ... ever.
The Freshman fellows are preparing to revamp and restock; unfortunately the store will be closed the rest of this week. It will re-open on Memorial Day, and there's no cooler place to find something to wear to the BBQ's and other happenings. 
If you ever happen to wander into the area, I seriously suggest you swing by and say hello to Eric and Phil, they're rather friendly, talented, and will welcome you with open arms, even if you blast "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" outside the store via a late 90s CD player/radio.

A few of Eric's pieces
Some of Phil's stuff

Now, do you see what I meant?

May 12, 2010

Stan - Eminem

 Jay-Z PLUS Eminem at Comerica Park Sept. 2?
That is my DREAM show. My favorite lyricist and one of the rappers that influenced me to write..yes I'm a stan for both and yes I'm perfectly ok with that.
Peep the video of them talking about the shows:

May 11, 2010

Over - Drake

First official video blog of summer 2010. Things I hate: Leaks and Drake.

Flashback: BabyMamaDrama - Dave Hollister

I know Mother's Day was only two days ago and this may not be the most appropriate song to go along with the recent Hallmark holiday, but I know for some parenting pairs this is reality. I have always liked Dave Hollister and I do kind of think he (along with the likes of Donnell Jones and Carl Thomas) were not seen as strong forces in the R&B world. Today's Flashback is his 1999 single "Babymamadrama" off his album 'Ghetto Hymns'. Love to the baby mamas and daddys everywhere.

May 6, 2010

Crash Course - Street Justice

To know me personally or to only know me virally, you know I have this thing for this misunderstood culture we call hip-hop. I listen to a lot of things on the daily as a blogger, but personally certain artists have been getting played heavily through my speakers and I figured it would be kind of cool to do a "what Alex is listening to" post.  I don't know why I keep listening to them over and over again, but to me, they are all the best thing poppin'. Some are old and some are recent, but my mom always told me that good music has no expiration date. Below you will find 10 mixtapes/albums that have been my sort of 'go to' choice these last few weeks.

Title: Never Say Never
Artist: Brandy
Year: 1998
Most Played Tracks: "Almost Doesn't Count" and "Have You Ever"

Title: No Brakes
Artist: P.L.
Year: 2010
Most Played Tracks: "Ransom," "Groupie Girls" and "Cool"

Title: Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget
Artist: Cold Men Young
Year: 2010
Most Played Tracks: "Living a Star" and "Det Riot!"
*Review coming soon :-)

Title: The Hybrid
Artist: Danny Brown
Year: 2010
Most Played Tracks: "Exotic" and "Thank God"

Title: Slut Bag Edition
Artist: Crown Nation
Year: ... ... I really don't know
Most Played Tracks: "My Child n Dem" and "Phony Rappers"

Title: The Rhyming Dictionary
Artist: Detroit CYDI
Year: 2008
Most Played Tracks: "It's Nothin'", "Roll" and "Based on a True Story"

Title: The Leftovers Unmixed Tape
Artist: eLZhi
Year: 2009
Most Played Tracks: "Glow", "Contra" and "Flyest"

Title: Ready to Die
Artist: Notorious B.I.G.
Year: 1994
Most Played Tracks: "Juicy", "Warning", "Big Poppa" and "Me and My B*tch"

Title: Shapeshifters
Artist: Invincible
Year: 2008
Most Played Tracks: "Looongawaited" and "Deuce/Ypsi"

Title: Fantastic, Vol. 2
Artist: Slum Village
Year: 2000
Most Played Tracks: "Climax," "Jelaousy," "Fall in Love", "Untitled/Fantastic" and "Raise it Up"

**It just released like this week, but Street Justice's 'Follow the Drip' has been getting some major play as well, I'm sure they'll be bumping someone out of their spot soon.