February 7, 2011

Dilla Says Go - J Dilla

It's easy to Fall in Love with different musical Players; and throughout the years everybody, from Hoc N Pucky to Beej 'N Dem have tried to Lock It Down.

Many were around only long enough to say Hi. and Bye., but there's always that one You Can't Hold a Torch to, the King of this producing thing, if you will.

First Time I came across this guy was this day, five years ago when Donuts dropped and I remember thinking "this Sounds Like Love, other producers could never make Nothing Like This" only to read in the paper a few days later that he had his Last Donut of the Night.

It is kind of hard to Estimate the amount of People his MPC has affected, but it's crazy how a few Bars & Twists of samples could change hip-hop's History and show the world What It's All About.

They say you never know what you Got 'Til It's Gone,  this is true,  I Don't Know why we Hold Tight and never Take Notice and give them proper Shouts while they're here — maybe one of you can Tell Me. I do know his Friends and The New Waves of fans (like me) won't Stop Scheming to keep The Conversation going and his Lightworks Shining.

The Diff'rence between him and others, he's the producer's producer.

So Give It Up for J Dilla and Think Twice before you deny his talent; and when the next Pay Day comes, take your Milk Money and go cop somethin'.

Happy Dilla Day, y'all.


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